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#StoriesFromTheRoad #Langkawi: Tony & Chona

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Tony has been in Langkawi for the past 3 years, and he moved here after his business in Kuala Lumpur of supplying sound and lighting equipment to event organisers dried up because of the pandemic. “There was no business at all, and I’ve had events in Langkawi before. So I moved up here, rented a place for myself and another to store my equipment.”

He started his cozy little place, Tony’s Corner, here near Pantai Cenang 6 months ago, moving from his previous location on Pantai Tengah. “I love to cook, and I love sound. Thankfully business here in the restaurant has been quite good so far, and I have smaller events here and there that I supply equipment to, and that helps. A few hundred ringgit here and a few there, and it’s good enough.” He looks happy, and I finished up my first as Chona made me my second cup of coffee. She helps out in the kitchen, and when I wake I can hear her chopping vegetables, washing things and preparing food. “Chona sings too, and she still does in the bars here” Tony said, as he proudly shows me a video clip on his phone of Chona in a dress and rocking out Sweet Child ‘O Mine in Bamboo Bar on Pantai Tengah. Her name is tattooed on Tony’s arm.

Chona’s from the Philippines and she’s been in Malaysia for 25 years. I asked her how she met Tony, was it when she was singing? “Yes” she said as a beautiful smile broke out on her face. “I was auditioning at the Armada Hotel in Petaling Jaya, and Tony was the DJ there”. They have 23 year-old daughter together.

Tony and Chona cooks and serves good Indian food, but when I was there earlier in the morning it wasn’t ready yet so Tony whipped up a simple western breakfast for me. “It’s simple, but made with love” Tony said as he served me. Yes it was. I couldn’t resist having his Indian dishes later the same day. Gawd. I eat too much and I don’t care. It was good. ❤️


If you're in Langkawi, look for Tony and Chona, say hi for me please and send them some love! :)

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