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The difficulty in letting go.

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Letting go of what we don’t need, especially when it can be appreciated and loved much more by someone else, is hard. The hidden belief that this thing we think we own is part of who we are and adds incrementally to what we’re worth, is strong. Very strong. That car. That phone. That suit. That record collection. All the clothes. All the watches. All the books. Even people.

But boy, it’s liberating as heck. #MarieKondo is definitely on to something almost transcendental.

We don’t really own anything, most of all people. That I believe is our greatest collective error. At best we are temporary custodians to care for them and to water them, until such time that we part ways as every one of us and everything does.

For death (paraphrasing #PauloCoelho), she is a beautiful woman in black, my mistress, and she calls to me. She smiles and asks me to join her. I look into her eyes and I smile back with a loving wink, and tell her “not just yet”.

I will, but not just yet. ❤️

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