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Hi, I'm James, aka Warbaby.

On Sunday morning, 15 May 2022 I started driving from my home in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia towards Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia in my converted Kia Grand Carnival mini camper I named K. 

Here is where I share my discoveries, ideas that could be useful, stories, and other good things found on #TheDriveBeyondBorders and beyond.

If you like what you see, say hi!

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How I will remember, one day when I can't do what I do no more.

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The Reasons, the Uncertainties and the Challenges Ahead

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Things I've discovered, places I've been and stuff in my head

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Short videos, photos, ideas and thoughts

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If you find something helpful in what I share. Thank you!

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The Ancient One: I've spent so many years peering through time, looking at this exact moment. But I can't see past it. I've prevented countless terrible futures and after each one there's always another, and they all lead here but never further.

Dr. Stephen Strange: You think this is where you die.

The Ancient One: You wonder what I see in your future?

Dr. Stephen Strange: No. Yes.

The Ancient One: I never saw your future, only its possibilities. You have such a capacity for goodness. You've always excelled, but not because you crave success but because of your fear of failure.

Dr. Stephen Strange: It's what made me a great doctor.

The Ancient One: It's precisely what's kept you from greatness. Arrogance and fear still keep you from learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all.

Dr. Stephen Strange: Which is?

The Ancient One: It's not about you. 

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There are two reasons. The first is I was born a week before the most devastating racial riots in Malaysia, in the epicentre of Tiong Nam in Chow Kit. Malays and Chinese who were friendly neighbours starting killing each other (some of the Malays were bused in from other states into Chow Kit to incite and start the riot) because of race-based politics. The Malay party lost to the Chinese party in the election, and that just didn’t sit well with the powers that be. Racial lines had to be enforced. We are still living with its fallout and impact more than 50 years later. 

The second is that one of my favourite songs is War Baby by Tom Robinson. Give it a listen. It’s hot, humid nights where the sound of the saxophone cuts through the thick sense of longing, desire, regrets, memories and fear of what the future could bring lingering in the air, distilled into words and melody. Yeah, it’s epic. 

So there. I’m not the American rapper Warbaby. He has some good tunes - check him out. His blog is likely much more interesting than this one!

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