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A Personal Manifesto

Things I’ve decided to do and be.

Making the decision for #TheDrive took me a while, but it wasn't for #vanlife that seems to be all over Instagram and YouTube nowadays. Moving and travelling in the van was one of the tools I needed to move towards my goals, and not the goal itself.

One of the most important things for me was to learn to embrace solitude, which again is another tool towards my personal goals, and not the goal itself. Solitude in a nutshell is learning to listen to ourselves, to understand the causes for our pain so we can deal with, overcome and make our peace with them, and the reasons for joy so we can enhance them. This is one of the most difficult things for most of us to do, because there are so many things distracting us every single second of each day, and so many options to ignore that little voice inside all of us telling us who we are, what we want and who we can be.

Responsibilities. Work. Social Media. Drugs. Sex. Competition. The need for attention. The list goes on.

There are also a few things that I would like to confirm too about myself, about people and about ideas that run rampant in my head, and the only way I know how is to do. Talk is not cheap - talk is worthless unless and until we do.

These are the points that came to mind for my personal manifesto and I will likely revisit and refine them further as I grow the hell up even more. It doesn't apply to everyone, and shouldn't - each of us have different paths, and each of our personal manifestos, when we choose to have one, is uniquely ours and no one else's.


Le Manifeste Pour Moi

  1. To be as honest as I can be to myself and to others.

  2. To not self-censor, and to choose my words well.

  3. To apologise and better myself if I cause any harm or hurt to others.

  4. To be calm and in control (of myself, not others) as much as I can whatever happens; to show grace under pressure.

  5. To experience all that is around me and see, truly see and soak the magic in.

  6. To use my knowledge, abilities and what I’ve learned to deal with whatever situations that may arise, and to learn and grow from them. No complaining, no blaming, just solutions.

  7. To listen and not just hear.

  8. To understand and not just assume.

  9. To respond and not just react.

  10. To leave things a little better wherever I am.

  11. To leave people a little happier or at least not worse off, whomever that I meet.

  12. To embrace who I am, to do and be more of the good, and to work on the bad.

  13. To face whatever fears that come, spend time and get to know them better, and do what is necessary regardless.

  14. To use what I know, what I have learned, what I have experienced and what I can do to create value and be of service to others beyond myself. Because the fact that I am doing what I'm doing and I'm sitting here and writing this now means I already have so much more than a whole lot of others out there on this planet.


I hope you will find your manifesto too, if you haven't already :)

Warbaby out.

Batu Ferringhi

Penang, Malaysia


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