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Beneath the Distractions

A drug names Clarity.

When we remove distractions, quieten down and listen to what our instincts, 6th sense, gut feel or whatever else it is called, and we notice how things happen and how they flow, we will very often find ourselves exactly where we’re supposed to be towards getting what we want; something we couldn’t have even planned for because we couldn’t have known. The bridges of incidences.

We start to notice the subtle signs and changes in people, the shifting energies of a situation or environment, we start to observe more and talk less, and we start to understand more and pretend less.

We start listening to ourselves better and what others are saying without words, and we start seeing the lines that connect one thing or situation to another and where they are leading to. We become both participant and observer in every interaction, and we respond more and react less. Our actions become more intentional, our words more precise.

It’s sometimes almost surreal, and utterly fascinating.

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