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Conversations With Myself #001 - Social Media

What it means when people share what they do, and what we can do about it.

Hey James, listen.

Khao No, Thailand on the road from Chiang Mai to Bangkok | 24.12.2022

Let’s talk about social media.

Don’t slag off anyone for what they post and share on their personal lives online - it’s what gives them joy, it’s what makes them happy, it’s what is meaningful to them.

See it for what it is - them sharing with the world what is most important to them, not you. It could be cats. It could be food. It could be babies. It could be boobs, ass, watches or cars. It could be the need for attention and validation. It’s their need, not yours. Use it to understand them better. If you think those needs are not good, the need to be sanctimonious and judge anyone is worse. You do you. Let others do them. They are not you. Their journey is not yours to control nor decide.

Be an example, not a judge.

Judging others against your own wants, needs, priorities, beliefs and what you would do instead is just toxic narcissistic assholery. And if you enjoy judging others, it reveals a glaring dark hole in you that you need to fix - the need for others to behave and act the way you want them to in order to make you comfortable, happy or feel good about yourself. Because you can’t do it yourself.

It’s cowardly, lazy and weak - all that time and attention on demanding and expecting others to fix themselves for you and complaining and blaming when they don’t, to avoid fixing yourself. You want the world to be a better place, but you avoid making yourself a better person. WTF dude.

Anyways, it’s been a good morning. Keep it up. Talk again soon. Cheers.



Bangkok, Thailand.

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