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Good reads: Hit the Road and Stare at Yourself

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

“Now you are walking through the street. You are watching other people. The people who are just like you. The people you often compare yourself to — the people who shop for fun, ride fancy cars, live in fancy houses, upload sexy party-photos on social media.

Look at their faces. Observe them closely; they are chasing a mirage. They are constantly on phones, always talking and faking their smiles, pretending to be happy. They never present themselves dull as it is their self-branding strategy. They have no time to stop and think about their actions. They are just going with the flow without questioning the direction. The more they get (money, fame, power) along the way, the more they want. They don’t know where to stop.

When you look at their faces, you see yourself. And there are thousands of people like you, who never take time to sit quietly and think. They spend their days and years running. They ignore everything (health, relationships, joy, etc.) to gain so-called success, a vague word that hardly means anything. And only on their deathbeds, they find their whole existence meaningless.

Now, look up above the sky. The shiny blue sky tells the story of millions of planets like this one. It tries to convey to you a message that you will become history soon. So, be wise and learn from the natural world.”

- S M Mamunur Rahman


Nice. I like this piece, even though I don’t see it as mystical - it’s how are are supposed to be. It’s natural. It’s who we are. Perhaps what was natural has become mystical simply because we no longer give ourselves time to be - we have become addicted to distractions and our need to brand ourselves with the hope that others will love us for who we pretend to be.

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