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Hey, Mom.

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Yeah, I’m doing alright thanks. 😊

Yes, M too. We miss you of course, it’s been more than a decade. We haven’t forgotten what you taught us, to be ourselves, and to be strong. To never be too proud to admit when we are wrong, and never be too afraid to walk away when it’s the right thing to do. To not only think of ourselves, and to always remember that the love and life we shared was good, and we had so much more than so many who were less fortunate.

So yes, we are both making our own journeys, and not the ones others insist that we take. Like you. You were the strongest person I have ever known, and you still are, even when you didn’t show it to the world. We saw it with our own eyes. We know. You set a crazy benchmark on how compassionate and kind we can be, that all of us can be, and we have been striving for it ever since. You showed us fear was there for us to break through, and courage was an endless spring for us to drink from and be forged anew.

I guess all I want to say is that I believe we are living your legacy, and we hope that you are proud of us. I know you’re there, in the thing that connects us all, that thing which we are all a part of and never dies. At least not in terms of what we understand as space and time. I know the journey we take, the journey I will take, is your journey too and that you see this world through our eyes now.

I miss you, but then again not completely. I miss the physical presence, but I know the larger part of what made you who you are never left and is already a part of my being.

Cheers and hope you are happy, at peace, blissful and still kicking ass in mahjong!


Your Son.

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