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Growth: Unspoken

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

One trick we can use with toxic people

Sometimes, unspoken thoughts come to mind when I meet certain people, and I smile, remain courteous, exit stage left and I go find somewhere else to be and something else to do.

My mind goes:

“Ah, you remind me of how I was.

The time when I knew so little and got so many things wrong. When everything I did was to get laid and impress others. When I treated girls badly and I looked up to assholes. When my self-worth was defined completely by how others saw me, and getting attention was much more important than showing affection. When I thought that kindness was weakness, and arrogance was strength.

Looking at you now, I remember so clearly. Thank you for reminding me. Yeah, those were the days. I wish you well in your days ahead – you’re going to discover so much!”

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