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“Show me the meaning of being lonely”…ok let’s give this a shot.

One of the things we are not taught from young is how to be alone and enjoy our own company, and that it is a strength.

A wise man (not me obviously) said that if we cannot feel good when we are with ourselves and no one else, it is obvious we are in bad company. And if we are bad company for ourselves, how can we be good company for anyone else?

Loneliness comes when we believe we cannot be enough on our own and we cannot be in a good place unless we extract the joy, happiness and good times we want from others. It can work symbiotically of course, until it doesn’t.

The idea is we should be able to enjoy our own company as much as we enjoy the company of good friends, family and other people that we appreciate, care about and love. Fill both cups.

So the next time we see someone watching a movie on their own, eating on their own, and doing other things that most people usually do with others, and we think “he or she must be really lonely to be such a loser with no friends”, it could be that they have found the realisation and strength that we still lack, and the ones who desperately need company all the time to feel good are the weak and incomplete.

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