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The Geography of Kindness and Fear

I have met so many good, kind and generous people and strangers in the last month that something became clear to me.

Most people, regardless of their nationality and backgrounds, are good and kind by nature when they are not in fear.

The fear of God

The fear of LGBT

The fear of other beliefs and races

The fear of their own desires and wants

The fear of losing face

The fear of not being good enough

The fear of being taken advantage of

The fear of losing out

The fear of not having enough

The fear of being found out

The fear of not being admired

The fear of being seen as weak

The fear of not being accepted

The fear of being laughed at

The fear of being judged

The fear of being criticised

The fear of being wrong

The fear of making mistakes

The fear of the unknown

The fear of the unexpected

The fear of the new

The fear of not being loved

The fear of losing love

The fear of being alone

I see actions and choices driven by fear, and actions and choices that come naturally in the absence of fear.

So when someone acts like a dick, when they judge, when they are callous with and they look down on others, they are trying to hide their fears and mask the insecurity that comes with it.

Yeah. It’s like an open book. So many fears, and only one life. How lah like that.

I have been meeting mine one by one, checking off a bloody long list slowly. Giving myself the time to say to each of them hi, let’s sit down and talk, shall we? Some are stubborn and they put up a fight, they are ingrained and refuse to show their true faces, but most are just mental projections on thin curtains of mist. Looking real and alive only because the curtain moves. Like scarecrows along the perimeters of our minds.

It became clear too that fear and danger are two very different things. Being fearless isn’t being stupid, reckless, unprepared or not thinking of possible consequences. Danger is real, but fear is created (some by ourselves and some by others, sometimes intentionally) and only real when we choose to believe it is.


Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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