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The Men Who Do, and the Men Who Don't

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Do we ignore the men who make things hard for women because we are not women and we are not those men?

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi


An Analysis

No other sportswomen from Malaysia or any other country get the same criticisms.

Therefore it is because she is a Malaysian Muslim woman.

The ones judging her are only selected (apparently pious) Malaysian Muslim men. No other men from other races and religions in Malaysia judge her the same way - they are proud of her instead.

The selected Malaysian Muslim men seem to be men who:

1) Do not avert their gaze

2) Are triggered only by Malaysian Muslim women but are fine/silent with others

3) Watch the Olympics, read the news and follow the Malaysian teams for apparently very different reasons, and

4) Desire Malaysian Muslim women to be what they are told to be, based on what they believe Malaysian Muslim women should be

Therefore the people making life most difficult for Malaysian Muslim women, in general, seems to be selected Malaysian Muslim men, who in the name of God and religion judge. criticise, condemn and desire to control what Malaysian Muslim women do, how they dress, who they are and what they become.

Non-Muslims can’t really speak up to defend any Malaysian Muslim women who are under attack by the selected Malaysian Muslim men because when they do, they will be accused of and deemed to be attacking Islam.

Malaysian Muslim women who speak up to defend other Malaysian Muslim women who are under attack will be similarly attacked by the selected Malaysian Muslim men who will tell them to shut up and be good, obedient and quiet Muslim women because that’s how it should be. If they listened to Malaysian Muslim women in the first place, the attacks wouldn’t have happened.

Therefore the only people left to speak up for Malaysian Muslim women who are attacked by selected judgemental Malaysian Muslim men would be the majority of non-judgemental Malaysian Muslim men who believe Malaysian Muslim women have the right to live their lives the way they choose, and only God has the right to judge.

In conclusion: it’s up to you, guys. We’re all behind you all the way!

Or is there something the rest of us can do too?


If I’m mistaken in arriving at the conclusion above, please correct me. I could be wrong!

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