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The Question.

I like this.

It's a very good question, something I never really thought about until very recently.

I have always been caught up in making a living (a living that seemed to expand at the same rate as my earnings), unconsciously trying to impress, to prove to myself and others, and accumulating. Heck of a lot of accumulating and then maintaining what I accumulated.

It was only when I stepped off the crowded running track that I asked myself, WTF was I chasing? Love? Money? Adulation? Sex? Respect? Double-taps and likes?

And why the heck was I chasing that? Because everyone else seem to be, and I'm supposed to? Why? I couldn't make any of it make any sense.

So I asked myself - what is it that you can do well, that you can be even better at, that can create value for more than just yourself?

What I do is I see possibilities and potential, I see possible ways that can make things happen, and I can see what is needed to realise the potential. Throughout the second part of my career, this has always been what I wanted to do, what I was paid to do, and what I have done. From Air Asia to ASTRO, from MDV to Green Packet, from P1 to Sony Computers, from webe to Zafigo, from Paradox and the Missing Socks to OLFAC3 Perfumes.

One thing they all had in common, except for OLFAC3 Perfumes, is that I was always doing it for someone else.

So yeah, gonna do it different this time round. Round 2, ding ding ding!

Instead of chasing, I'm just gonna be, and let whatever comes, come, and I'll handle it when it does. That's half the fun, not knowing and letting things surprise me as they will.

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