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Travel Diary: Valentini & Marigo

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

A woman, a goat and choosing love.

1 January 2015 | Mycenae, Greece.

Valentini, her sister and her parents run a hotel cum restaurant in Mykines called La Petite Planete. It’s closed each winter from November until March.

6 months ago, she was given a 2-day old baby goat by a friend, who knows she loves goats.

“She’s 6 months old now, and she eats everything! Her name is Marigo” she said with a smile.

She had cats and a dog too running around, and I asked how many she has.

*I have 52 dogs and 32 cats” she said. My jaw dropped.

“My grandmother passed away and left me a house. I use it now as a pet hospital and I keep most of the dogs and cats there. They are strays, we take them in, look after them and feed them until we can get them adopted. But it’s hard. We don’t look after our animals well enough here in Greece” she said.

To me, it’s already so much more than many other countries.

We can always do more, and some of us do.

The more I see, the more I meet, the more I realize that we can be so different, but in our hearts, we are more similar than we think.

The Greeks and the Turks.

Malaysians & Singaporeans.

Muslims & Christians.

All of us.

We just need to scratch through the outer layers that we built, the facade that others define us by, and see the humanity within.

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