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Phase 1: From 15.5.2022

One of the most important things we can do is to put ourselves in a good place,

because only then can we truly make it better for everyone and everything else around us.

Hi, I'm Warbaby. 

On Sunday morning, 15 May 2022 I started driving from my home in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia towards Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

I started planning for the trip in January 2021, starting with the route, the car, and everything I needed to get sorted before I leave a year later. The initial plan of driving to Europe via China, Mongolia and Russia had to be deferred (to 2023 at the very least!) as China’s land borders are still closed due to the pandemic, and Russia is at war with Ukraine. 


My goal, my intention, is to experience more and differently from before, to share experiences and stories that may be interesting or useful that I encounter along the way, and to leave things slightly better wherever I am. 

My stories are shared on Instagram, YouTube and here on this site. 

Thank you for being here!

james aka warbaby

June 2022 | Bangkok, Thailand



Part I: The Time In Between

I'm currently back in Kuala Lumpur, driving back after almost a year away. I didn't plan to be back, but somehow the flow brought me back and ends Part 1 of #thedrivebeyondborders perfectly. It's good to be back, to give myself a bit of time to process the experience. It's been a heck of a year.


The goal now is to continue Part 2 in March 2024, spend some time again in my favourite places in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, and then cross into China in June 2024 and thereafter into Mongolia, Russia and Europe as I planned before. The window for 2023 is closed, and I'll be spending time in and around a few places (including Malaysia) til then.

james aka warbaby
May 2023 | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Part 2: Rebuilding the Foundation

I decided to stay, for at least until the end of 2024 or early 2025 before I get on the road again.

It was the realisation that when I left previously, it was premature. I didn't put the business in a good enough place, and I did not take full responsibility for my role in the business. I was self-absorbed (albeit lesser than before) but I also needed that time away on my own to realise I was self-absorbed and yeah, irresponsible.

I asked myself why, and the answer was simple - I always saw the business as helping to build the dream for someone I care about, and it wasn't mine. Not my business, not my dream. That left the door open for excuses, blame, and disappointments, and eventually resentment. The thing about fucking up is you never realise you're fucking up while you're fucking up, only after, and only in the absence of excuses and blame.

So yeah, this is the year I'm going ghost, manning-up, taking full responsibility, and I'm doing what I need to. This is all on me, baby.

My heart still flutters when I think of the adventures I haven't experienced and the people I haven't met, but I know it will come, and they will come. 

For now, stay. Fix things. Do the right things, and leave again only when I have truly earned it this time. And I will.

james aka warbaby

March 2024 | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan


Things I've discovered, places I've been and stuff in my head.

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