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Reminder: Find Something More Important

You are responsible for everything in your own experience.

But most of the time you live according to what other people think of you. Other people therefore decide your experience of your life for you, without even trying.

"You will stop caring what other people think about you, when you have something in your life that’s more important than what other people think"*.

So the question has always been - what is more important to you in your life?

Once you find that, everything else will fall into place naturally. You don't even need to try. You will spend less time on social media. You will spend more time by yourself and for yourself. You will live more for people who see and appreciate you, rather than people who see and judge you. You will smile more. You will laugh more. You will love more. You will be less anxious. You will appreciate what you already have much more, and long for what other people have that you don’t much less.

You will spend more of your energy creating rather than worrying. You will listen more and talk less. You will spend more time discovering who you are and what you want, and less time being someone else based on what other people want.

You will make a life that is uniquely yours, and you will be loved.

* Thanks to Mark Manson for this line.

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