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What do you hope to achieve?

Last night I was asked “what do you hope to achieve from doing this?”

It was a very good question that caught me off-guard. I responded with the standard replies - to experience new things, discover new places, etc.

But I thought about it more, and I asked myself the same - what is it that you hope to achieve from doing this? I know the answer - but I haven’t really articulated it yet.

It is to explore all the possibilities and potential that this short span of life has to offer, and find ways to make things just a tiny fraction better wherever I am.

There’s a saying - when you kill someone, you don’t just take away their life. You take away all the possibilities that their life could bring. If this rings true, then it should follow that if we don’t explore all the possibilities and potential that our lives has to offer, it would be like killing a part of ourselves while we live. The death of possibilities by suicide.

Maybe it was what I have been doing unconsciously in Book 1, and Book 2 is where I start listening, stop killing and start choosing and doing things more consciously. Or maybe I’m just full of shit.

Either way, I’m going to find out. Yeah.

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