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Good reads: The Weakness of Women

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

"If a woman seems weak to you, she’s been taught to act that way."

Don't be fooled.

This speaks closer to me than most I’ve read and seen out there. This is one fine article by Dr. Christine Bradstreet

It cannot be done in gender silos. We need both men and women to act in each of our individual capacities and in our daily lives to make things better. Benevolent feminism and platitudes are almost always self-serving and no different from sending thoughts and prayers to victims of a tragedy.

Every time we think that a man’s worth is measured by his title, his success, his house, his car, his watch and how much money he has, we are on the flip side thinking that a woman’s worth is measured by her youth, her skin, her boobs, how slim she is and her reproductive capability.

Therefore it is a weak case indeed, for any man to complain that women are only interested in successful men and money if the first things they look for in women are looks and youth, and for any woman to complain that men are only interested in outward beauty and sex if the first things they look for in men are monetary success and financial comfort.

2 sides of the same coin. The only thing to do is to throw away the coin and not play.

Be the best that we can be for ourselves and others, regardless of gender, sex or money.

Then we’ll be getting somewhere.

This is one of the best reads I've come across recently - click the link below and don't miss it.

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